Nutrition Station ‘COVID-19’ Procedures


In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we ensure that the health of Nutrition Station customers remains our top priority.

The Australian Government has stated that there is currently no evidence of COVID-19 being spread through food. Despite that, we are taking all precautions necessary to mitigate any risk.

At present, no store is at risk of shut down and will continue to provide fresh, healthy food to the community.


What is being implemented in-store?

  • Every Nutrition Station will be implementing numerous risk management procedures including (but not limited to):
  • Routine hand washing for the entire team every 30 minutes.
  • Provision of optional single use plastic cutlery.
  • Takeaway options for ALL menu items (takeaway or dine in).
  • Takeaway cups only. Keep cup usage will not be an option until further notice.
  • Card payment is encouraged.
  • Staff hands are to be washed or sanitised following every cash payment.
  • Register and menus to be wiped down every 30 minutes.
  • Door handles (bathrooms and entrances) are to be routinely wiped.
  • Tables are to be sanitised after every guest.
  • Seats are to be routinely sanitised.
  • Bathrooms to be routinely cleaned.
  • Kitchen staff to wear hair nets and gloves at all times.
  • ‘No contact’ procedures to be implemented for both in-store and delivery orders. See below for more details.


How is Nutrition Station implementing a ‘no contact’ policy for the safety of patrons?



  • Gloves are worn at all times by our kitchen staff throughout preparation, cooking and packing.
  • For pickup orders, customers are welcome to collect their meals outside the store upon arrival. Our staff members are more than happy to place your NUmeals bag outside (without hand to hand contact) once you have notified us on our store phone.
  • For deliveries, NUmeals are not to be handed directly to you – The order will be placed at your doorstep and the driver will wait at least 1.5m from your entrance.



  • Gloves are worn at all times through cooking and packing.
  • The handling of cutlery, plates and cups will be minimised.
  • All items are available for takeaway.
  • Meals will not be handed directly to patrons.
  • Card payments will be encouraged.
  • Delivery platforms such as UberEats and Deliveroo have procedures in place to minimise any health risks.