Don’t Blow Out Your Weekends


For most of us, the weekend means relaxing. Often when we distance ourselves from work and begin to switch off mentally, we also relax on our physical activity and healthy eating. Although we need a break from time to time, it’s important not to ‘blow out’, after all, it is almost a third of our week.

Here are some tips that may help you stay on track:

1. Make a mental note of each meal you will have over the weekend.

2. If you know you will go out with friends, suggest a place before you find yourself tagging along to the cheesecake factory.

3. Continue going to the gym. If you would normally have a rest day, consider swapping it for a day mid week. Alternatively, aim to do some form of physical activity, even if it is a 20 minute walk outdoors.

4. Remind yourself of your goals every day. Continue moving towards them rather than backwards each weekend.

5. Find a training partner. A partner with the same goals and drive will keep you accountable all week. It is often much easier to stay motivated when you have someone to train with.

6. Indulge a little… A little. You don’t want to be so strict that you hate your week and give up come the following Saturday.

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