The Fattest Country In The World

While I was living in America, various things caught my attention. I was awoken by the bold advertising surrounding me and the consistent fast foods egging me to try and buy. I stood as a silent watcher, gazing into the eyes of each American that crept into my vision. I would stare and immerse myself into this new environment. My all too familiar hometown of green bush land and bouncing kangaroos disappeared beneath me and my quick stench for fast, greasy food developed.

When asking friends what places I should see while living in California, the top answers all including places to eat including In n Out Burger, Pizza or Hotdogs.

America is widely recognised for its fast, greasy food and thus negative perspectives and stereotypes of “fat” and “lazy” developed. You would think the strong influence of advertising and fast food would deem America as the “fattest country in the world”, however research proves this is not the case.

The Social Progress Index’s 2015 statistics indicates Kuwait was given the unpleasant title of “Fattest Country in the world” with “70% of Kuwaiti men over 15 as obese and over 80% of women”.

With an expanding American market, fast food chains are only increasing. For example McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food chain, with 34,480 restaurants in over 119 countries.

Western obesity has known to attract perspectives of laziness, poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy diets. The issue of obesity is growing. According to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association one third of adults are now obese.

Obesity is a huge problem worldwide and is only increasing. My experience in America only helped me to emphasise the importance of health, diet and exercise.

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