G.R.E.A.T D.R.E.A.M – Exercise

It’s common knowledge that exercise elicits a myriad of benefits for health so I don’t think I need to elaborate too much in that regard.  What I will do however, is list some ways to get yourself motivated to exercise if you’re finding it a bit challenging.  As someone who is yet to master the art of making exercise part of my daily routine, I have had times where I’ve had to be very creative to get myself out the door!

  1. Make a deal with yourself.  We all have the nagging voice that tells us we’d rather recline on the couch than put our gym shoes on and go for a workout but some of those voices ring louder than others.  Make a deal with yourself that if you complete today’s workout, whether it be a smashing at the gym or a brisk 20 minute walk around the block, you’ll reward yourself with something afterwards.  The key here is to make sure the reward is going to benefit you and not undo all the work you’ve just done.  Reward yourself with your favourite smoothie, your local Nutrition Station cafe has a fine selection.  Better still, invite a friend to join you and have a quality catch-up whilst enjoying said smoothie.  This is killing two birds with one stone.. if you haven’t read my last post on RELATING then check it out once you’re done here to see what I’m talking about.
  2. Find an accountability partner.  This could be anyone you trust and respect who will hold you accountable in a positive supportive way.  Share your goals with them, give them a copy of your training program or ask them if you can text them your daily food intake at the end of each day.  You can make it as formal or relaxed as you like depending on how serious you are about your goals and how much you need to be held accountable.  Most of the time, just knowing you have to report daily to someone is enough to keep you compliant and, personally, I find it much easier to just do the workout than to have to find ‘reasons’ why I didn’t!
  3. Reframe.  Focus on the positive elements of exercise rather than the negatives.  Instead of thinking about how cold it is, how tired you are or how much you’d rather be sleeping in or watching Game of Thrones, remind yourself of how good you feel after your workout, how much more relaxed you are, how well you’ll sleep and most of all, how much better you’ll feel about yourself that you just got it done.

Do you have any favourite strategies for overcoming barriers to exercise?  If so, I’d love to hear them.  Log in and leave your comments below.

Until next time, always remember true wealth is your own wealth.


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