G.R.E.A.T D.R.E.A.M – Trying Out

When was the last time you tried something new or learned a new skill?  One of the key components to happiness is to step out of routine or familiarity and experience something different. Whether that be a different dish at your favourite restaurant, taking a different route on your usual run or signing up to learn a new language, challenging oneself with unfamiliarity has wonderful ramifications for health.

Given that change is one of the top three most-feared experiences (alongside death and public speaking), stepping out of routine can be daunting for some however, the benefits far out-weigh the risks, unless you’re thinking of trying base jumping or parkour for the first time, in which case I’d be inclined to say the opposite!  For most other, low-risk activities such as signing up for your very first fun-run or enticer triathlon, the experience positively impacts your life in a number of ways.  Challenge requires you to draw on your self-belief that you are capable, that you have what is required to see it through to completion and to be open to the outcome, whatever that might be.  There is learning within the very process of learning which enhances our sense of commitment, teaches us patience, opens our minds, heightens our sense of awareness and shows us that we are more than capable of navigating and accepting change.  Learning teaches us to be resilient, it enhances our sense of self and encourages us to overcome our fears which are all valuable character qualities to draw on when life hands us a box of proverbial lemons.  So, next time you toy with the idea of that eight week French course at your local community college, SIGN UP!  As a great friend of mine always says, feel the fear then do it anyway!  The worst that can happen is that you bugger it up beyond belief, that you fail miserably but even that cloud has a silver lining because learning to overcome failure puts you on the fast-track to success.  Every successful person will tell you they learned the most from their mistakes and failures.
Une vie vecue dans la peur est une demi-vie vecu…. A life lived in fear is a life half-lived!

Until next time, always remember true wealth is your own health,

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