SMASHED AVO 2864kj P:30g C:34g F:48g

Smashed avocado on toasted quinoa sourdough topped with feta, nut mix and two poached eggs.


MORNING BOOST OATS 2541kj P:41g C:72g F:14g

Vanilla protein infused oats topped with roasted buckwheat, hazelnuts, shredded coconut, fresh strawberries and honey.


RICOTTA TOAST 1835kj P:14g C:47g F:20g

Ricotta, fresh strawberries, almond flakes and drizzled honey on toasted quinoa sourdough.



Your choice of: Vegemite 1562kj, Honey 1701kj or Peanut Butter 1927kj.


CHILLI EGGS 2339kj P:27g C:35g F:36g

Scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, wilted spinach and grilled haloumi topped with tomato salsa and harissa sauce on toasted quinoa sourdough.


OMELETTE 777kj P:18g C:6g F:11g

Baby spinach, mushroom, tomato and onion served with a side of rocket.


GREEN BREAKY POKE BOWL 2205kj P:42g C:30g F:29g

Kale, edamame beans, charred corn and smashed avocado, topped with two poached eggs and smoked salmon.


FRITTERS 1188kj P:10g C:37g F:10g

Corn and zucchini fritters with beetroot hommus and rocket.
Add: Egg $3, Turkey Bacon $6, Smoked Salmon $6, Smashed Avocado $4


HEALTHY BENNY 2322kj P:37g C:28g F:32g

Two poached eggs with kalenaise sauce, wilted spinach and lean turkey bacon on toasted quinoa sourdough.


BIG BREAKFAST 3423kj P:52g C:64g F:41g

Two eggs, grilled haloumi, lean turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomato relish, smashed avocado, rocket and two slices of toasted quinoa sourdough.


BREAKFAST WRAP 1902kj P:25g C:30g F:27g

Scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, grilled haloumi and baby spinach with tomato salsa on a wholemeal tortilla.


ACAI BOWL 2188kj P:12g C:56g F:27g

Acai topped with granola, chia seeds, shredded coconut and fruit.


PROTEIN PANCAKES 1470kj P:16g C:65g F:3g

Four stack topped with fruit and maple syrup.



Quinoa Sourdough (1) 709kj P:5g C:26g F:4g
Eggs (2) 588kj P:13g C:6g F:10g
Turkey Bacon (3) 537kj P:18g C:1g F:6g
Smoked Salmon (2) 281kj P:12g C:0g F:2g
Mushrooms 105kj P:3g C:0g F:0g
Baby Spinach 25kj P:1g C:0g F:0g
Fritters (2) 777kj P:7g C:30g F:4g
Smashed Avocado 428kj P:1g C:5g F:11g
Kale, Tomato & Onion 159kj P:3g C:8g F:0g
Grilled Haloumi (2) 315kj P:6g C:1g F:5g
Feta 466kj P:7g C:0g F:9g
Beetroot Hommus 193kj P:1g C:3g F:3g

CHICKEN AVO SALAD 2574kj P:38g C:28g F:42g

Garlic herb chicken breast, avocado, sweet potato, rocket and walnuts with an avo herb dressing.


HEALTHY CAESAR 2473kj P:52g C:14g F:36g

Quinoa crusted chicken breast, lean turkey bacon, parmesan cheese, boiled egg, lettuce, roasted buckwheat and almond flakes with an aioli dressing.


LAMB SALAD 1764kj P:39g C:14g F:23g

Mediterranean lamb, cucumber, tomato, baby spinach, beetroot, carrot, harissa sauce and beetroot hommus.


VEGAN RAINBOW SALAD 2087kj P:19 C:35 F:34

Edamame beans, kale, charred corn, red cabbage, smokey pumpkin and smashed avocado.

LAMB WRAP 1974kj P:39g C:28g F:21g

Mediterranean lamb, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce and aioli on a wholemeal tortilla.


STEAK WRAP 2062kj P:47g C:33g F:18g

Smokey BBQ steak, lettuce, char veg, beetroot and aioli on a wholemeal tortilla.


CHIPOTLE CHICKEN WRAP 2020kj P:30g C:29g F:28g

Chipotle chicken thigh, tomato, baby spinach, avocado and aioli on a wholemeal tortilla.


CHICKEN BURGER 1927kj P:29g C:37g F:21g

Baked quinoa crusted chicken, tomato, lettuce and chilli aioli on a wholemeal bun.


CLASSIC BEEF BURGER 1995kj P:28g C:36g F:22g

Beef patty, tomato relish, lettuce, tomato and aioli on a wholemeal bun.


MIGHTY BURGER 2780kj P:44g C:32g F:38g

Beef patty, lean turkey bacon, beetroot, tomato, fried egg, lettuce and aioli on a wholemeal bun.


VEGGIE BURGER 1163kj P:8g C:37g F:11g

Fritter patty, beetroot hommus, carrot, lettuce and avocado on a wholemeal bun.


Sides: Sweet potato wedges, Garden salad, Sauces, Bowl of sweet potato wedges.



Garlic Herb Chicken Breast (100g) 667kj P:30g C:0g F:4g

Quinoa Crusted Chicken (100g) 693kj P:24g C:8g F:4g

Chipotle Chicken Thigh (100g) 802kj P:23g C:0g F:11g

Falafels (100g) 1104kj P:11g C:25g F:11g

Smokey BBQ Steak (100g) 756kj P:31g C:2g F:5g

Mediterranean Lamb (100g) 961kj P:34g C:0g F:10g

Salmon Fillet (100g) 991kj P:24g C:0g F:15g

100g & 200g Options Available




Brown Rice 642kj P:3g C:32g F:1g

Basmati Rice 458kj P:3g C:31g F:0g

Rosemary Baked Sweet Potato 319kj P:2g C:20g F:0g

Sweet Potato Wedges 785kj P:2g C:29g F:7g




Char Veg 97kj P:1g C:4g F:0g

Honey Baked Carrots 196kj P:1g C:9g F:0g

Smokey Pumpkin 218kj P:2g C:8g F:0g

Mushrooms 105kj P:3g C:0g F:0g

Kale, Tomato & Onion 159kj P:3g C:8g F:0g

Charred Corn 273kj P:3g C:10g F:1g

Green Beans 88kj P:2g C:6g F:0g

Broccoli 130kj P:5g C:5g F:0g

Garden Salad 306kj P:1g C:3g F:7g

Smashed Avocado 428kj P:1g C:5g F:11g




Boiled Egg 294kj P:6g C:0g F:5g

Beetroot Hommus 193kj P:1g C:3g F:3g

Aioli 571kj P:0g C:0g F:15g

Chilli Aioli 484kj P:0g C:2g F:12g

Harissa 235kj P:0g C:1g F:6g

STIR FRY CHICKEN 1717kj P:37g C:51g F:5g

Brown rice, broccolini and green beans with a honey soy sauce.


STIR FRY STEAK 1768kj P:38g C:51g F:7g

Brown rice, broccolini and green beans with a honey soy sauce.


STIR FRY LAMB 1986kj P:41g C:51g F:12g

Brown rice, broccolini and green beans with a honey soy sauce.


SET PLATE #1 2478kj P:69g C:39g F:19g

Smokey BBQ steak, sweet potato wedges, char veg and broccolini.


SET PLATE #2 2381kj P:73g C:19g F:21g

Mediterranean lamb, char veg, smokey pumpkin, kale, tomato and onion.


SET PLATE #3 2566kj P:56g C:33g F:32g

Salmon broccolini, roast sweet potato and kale, tomato and onion.


SET PLATE #4 2339kj P:66g C:22g F:21g

Garlic herb chicken breast, sweet potato mash and broccolini with mushroom sauce.


VEGETARIAN PASTA 1898kj P:13g C:48g F:14g

Quinoa penne, char veg, spinach and feta with napolitana sauce.


CREAMY CHICKEN PASTA 2482kj P:40g C:43g F:19g

Quinoa penne, garlic herb chicken, mushrooms and broccolini with a coconut cream sauce.

BASE SHAKE 462kj P:17g C:6g F:2g

Your choice of Chocolate or Vanilla Protein.

Add: Coffee Shot, Creatine, Carnitine or L-glutamine


BANANA BLISS 1255kj P:28g C:24g F:9g

Vanilla protein, chia seeds, honey, walnuts, cinnamon, banana.


HONEY NUTTER 1435kj P:34g C:16g F:16g

Chocolate protein, peanut butter, chia seeds, honey.


NUTTY BANANA 1628kj P:34g C:26g F:16g

Vanilla protein, banana, peanut butter, honey, chia seeds.


FOREVER ENERGY 1222kj P:29g C:19g F:10g

Vanilla protein, almond flakes, chia seeds, dates, avocado, banana.


ACAI SHAKE 633kj P:4g C:22g F:6g

Coconut Water, Acai Powder, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Cranberries, Banana.


GREEN & LEAN 431kj P:3 C:17 F:2

Super Greens, Spinach, Pear, Passion Fruit, Banana, Chia Seeds.
Add: Protein


BERRY SWEET 912kj P:27g C:16g F:5g

Vanilla protein, mixed berries, goji berries, cranberries, shredded coconut.


MANGO MADNESS 1402kj P:29g C:32g F:10g

Vanilla protein, almond flakes, chia seeds, honey, mango.


ACAI 879kj P:3g C:38g F:5g

Acai, banana, chia seeds, goji berries, cranberries.


KETO 1600kj P:35g C:9g F:23g

Vanilla protein, peanut butter, avocado, baby spinach, walnuts, cinnamon.




































STIR FRY 1054kj P:35g C:21g F:4g

Chicken breast, basmati rice, broccoli and carrots.


PANCAKES 995kj P:8g C:48g F:2g

Mini pancakes with seasonal fruit and maple syrup.


CHEESE TOASTIE 2129kj P:21g C:53g F:23g


CHICKEN TENDERS & CHIPS 1478kj P:26g C:37g F:10g

Baked quinoa crusted chicken tenders with sweet potato wedges.


EGGS, TURKEY BACON & TOAST 1562kj P:27 C:27 F:17


SWEET POTATO WEDGES 1570kj P:3g C:59g F:13g




CHOCOLATE 1016kj P:9g C:33g F:7g

Light milk and chocolate powder.


BANANA 810kj P:9g C:30g F:4g

Light milk, banana and honey.


BERRY 571kj P:9g C:16g F:4g

Light milk and mixed berries.

*Macros are based on menus using Turkey Bacon.