How to Prevent Fast Food Drive Thru’s

You’re driving home from after work. You’re tired, sore, hungry and just about ready for bed. You know you have to cook dinner when you get home for the family but you are not in the mood. You start looking for options of other alternatives… fast food comes to your mind…STOP!
The fast food drive thru is a death trap.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and it’s only increasing. With company’s expanding in the market growing their fast food brands, they are creating new ways for you to buy their product including the ability to now order online and receive fast food meals at your doorstep, thus making it harder to prevent our temptations and to eat healthy.

Even though there are fast food restaurants that may offer healthy eating options, it is extremely difficult to leave the store with a healthy meal, and better yet, who actually goes to a fast food restaurant and buys a salad? No one!

The majority of fast food places are loaded with fat and sodium, providing over an entire’s day worth of calories!

So how do we avoid these getting ourselves into these sticky situations?

If you are the type of person to be hungry when you are heading home from work, and always tempted to buy something on your way home, then this is what you need to do.

One – Eat something before you leave work.

When your stomach is full you are less likely to have any food cravings. Eat something small like a muesli bar before you leave work. This will help prevent you from thinking about those sneaky drive thru’s.

Two – Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water can trick the brain and stomach to thinking you are full; this of course does not last for long, but enough to get you home with no fast food in your hand.

Three – Keep snacks in your car.

Keeping snacks in your car is a good way to save money for when you do get hungry, instead of buying and soaking up all those unwanted calories.

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