How to Travel and Eat Healthy

I stepped onto the scale, scrunched my face and turned away as the numbers changed and fear kicked in. All those extra large meals of pesto, pizza and chocolate desserts seemed like a good idea at the time. As the numbers came to a halt, the scale made one finally beep and the unpleasant truth spoke. I have gained weight.

While exploring and travelling the world definitely has its perks, it can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Although I was not so lucky, here are some tips I learnt to maintaining your health and well being when it comes to travel.

Drink plenty of water

Always make sure you are carrying water while you’re travelling. Thirst often is disguised as hunger and it’s important to stay hydrated. When I explored Italy, I always made sure I had a bottle of water. There were always plenty of places to fill up your water bottle, and it was a great way to save money too.


Although you are on a holiday, it is important to make sure you are regularly exercising. For example when I was exploring London, instead of taking “The Tube” (underground train), I would walk to locations.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals is a great way to avoid buying those greasy, unhealthy meals. A great way to do this is planning ahead and taking plenty of snacks including fruit and nuts.

Eat appropriate portions when dining out.

While I was in America, I found the portions in size were much larger compared to home. For example an Australian “large” pizza, was ordered as a “small” in America. Although you do want to maintain a diet, there is no denying you should expand and immerse your taste buds. Just remember to ask portion sizes before you order or try a little portion of a few popular items.

Eat plenty of fruit

When I traveled, fruit became my best friend. It was always a great snack to pack in my bag to take away that slight hunger in the middle of the day. Fruit provides many nutrients and keeps you energised for the day.

Katelyn Ennis

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