Wholy Foods

What the body needs to operate efficiently, to the best of its abilities, can be found in food. Natural, whole foods are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre- without them we struggle to support and maintain an effective immune, digestive, respiratory and circulatory system.

Some foods we consume can have little or none of the nutrients we need, forcing our body to run with far fewer resources. This can be difficult on any given day, let alone trying to maximise our productivity at work or when undertaking physical exercise.

Vival for Your Body

Brain and organ function, energy imbalances and premature fatigue can often be attributed to chemically processed foods. Despite potentially similar amounts of calories to a whole food option, processed foods are empty calories with additives that our body is not accustomed to digesting.

For many it can be difficult to avoid processed items. Lack of time and confusion about nutrition can make processed foods an easier option. As a general rule, try to avoid long and complex ingredients lists, high amounts of saturated fats, trans fats, refined sugars, preservatives and artificial flavours. Stick to natural foods or items with minimal ingredients listed. Read the labels in the grocery store to help best understand what you are buying.

NUmeals are a great way to stay on top of portion controlled meals throughout the day. They are designed to provide the best tasting clean, whole foods that are suitable for anyone hoping to lose weight, build muscle or lead a healthy lifestyle.

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